The products sold in this shop are the ORiginal genuine products produced by yuanxiang electric appliance company in lianyungang, enjoying the direct after-sale quality assurance service provided by the manufacturer.
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Carbon fiber heating tube, half reflection coating electric heating tube, ruby carbon fiber lamp tube, halogen infrared tungsten filament heating tube, quartz sheet, quartz batten, quartz rod, quartz flange
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Lianyungang yuanxiang lighting co., LTD., founded in April 2012, is an innovative technology enterprise with craftsman spirit and fighting influence.Yuanxiang team strictly abides by the principle of "careful core-making", strictly checks the quality control, sets strict standards for each process flow, and ensures that the export and domestic products meet the requirements of "same line, same standard and same quality".In October 2018, after strict testing, our products are in full compliance with ROHS environmental protection certification, CE safety certification and ISO9001 quality certification, and have obtained the certificate.

At present, the industrial heating tube products are: national standard/fine carbon fiber heating tube, semi-coated carbon fiber heating tube, ruby carbon fiber electric heating tube, infrared heater (carbon fiber paint lamp), infrared heating tube, halogen tungsten filament infrared heating tube, all woven carbon fiber tube.

Deep processing products are: quartz polishing plate, quartz batten, quartz flange, quartz boat, quartz crucible, color quartz tube, transparent quartz tube, thick wall quartz boiler tube, quartz fiber rod.

Heating tube fixed: 301 stainless steel lamp clamp,201 heating tube magnetic head clamp, manganese steel fixed clip.

Every industry has a number of excellence in the pursuit of quality, to serve customers wholeheartedly for the sense of mission of the company.In the development, we uphold the product quality is the recognition of human character, always with high cost-effective excellent products supply market, intimate service to customers.

The products sold in this shop are the original genuine products produced by yuanxiang electric appliance company in lianyungang, enjoying the direct after-sale quality assurance service provided by the manufacturer.In order to clear the source, broaden the yuan xiang brand awareness and reputation, we decided to integrate the market again, the sales price adjustment.You may also feel cheap enough, there is no best only better, also not the cheapest only cheaper, we aim to do higher quality electric heating tube, industrial technology of forging, genuine materials, such as mitsubishi heavy import raw silk, double industrial manufacture craft, with supporting mandrel, filament uniform configuration, service life and stability is far superior to ordinary single-layer hollow tube.Head filament is no longer easy to burn off, the stability of the obvious improvement!

Specifications can also be customized according to demand, short delivery time, affordable price.Do every product, quality road, we yuan xiang people have been working hard!