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Halogen Infrared Heat Lamp

Halogen Infrared Heat Lamps (Short Wave) have a fast response switching on and off time.It has high efficiency.It is widely used in heating,PET manufacturw,printing and so on.
Halogen Infrared Heat Lamp

Halogen Infrared Heat Lamp (Short Wave)


*Have a fast response switching on and off time.

*High efficiency.

*Wide range of lamps lengths and power available.

* No byproducts, no pollution.

*Safe:Quartz envelope, heat shock resistant.

* More than 85% of consumed energy transmitted into infrared heat.

* Dimmable: Fully controllable accurately(0% to 100%).

* Possibility to put people sensor: On/Off switches do not affect life time of the lamps.

*Long life: More than 5000 hours.

half-white and golden coated could be made as customer’s demand.

They are mainly used for heating,PET manufacture,printing,drying and so on.

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